Air Conditioning Melbourne


A property with good heating and cooling is always a priority for tenants. Unfortunately, this asset is often misused due to being unaware the required maintenance of air-conditioning units. Over time, the air brought into the A/C unit also brings dust particles, hair, skin follicles, grease and dirt with it. This results in a build up of mould when not maintained correctly. If not serviced, these issues can create safety risks to the residents, put major stress on the unit and therefore void any current warranties. Below are two options to avoid these problems. Scheduled maintenance options are also available


– Checking the temperature & air flow before & after to ensure correct operating temperatures

– Inspect & clean the filters

– Check drain pan for any debris & clean

– Antibacterial treatment on units including filters

– Clean internal plastics

– Reset the unit if necessary

– Ensure all components (indoor, outdoor & remote) are communicating correctly & are on the right settings

– Test temperatures after clean

– Check & tighten all electrical connections

– Keep records for all future maintenance

– 6 monthly or yearly reports on unit conditions

– Test safety switch for correct operation


– All components from a Standard Service

– Remove air-conditioning cover, clean and sanitise with an environmentally friendly cleaning agent.

– Internal coil & drains & mould removal

– Check & blow-dry all electrical components

– Check outdoor units & clean if necessary